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We are a small, non-profit organization, working for the socio-economic development of the most underprivileged people, including children and women. We are also looking into environmental issues. We are also emphasizing the environmental issues. We believe your support and cooperation help us to success our mission.


Our Vision is to merge the underprivileged people with the mainstream society, and minimize differences between these two sections, by imparting basic educational and financial literacy to the underprivileged section.. We want to emphasize on child development since they are the youth of tomorrow. Environmental education and women empowerment are two other aspects of our holistic vision.


We, at NIDS, are with the mission to empower underprivileged people with a particular focus on those living in the remote areas, with the right information, infrastructure and decision-making ability and financial independence.


Our Objectives are that the poverty-stricken people living in the remote areas should not consider themselves to be alienated from others. They should have the required knowledge to be financially independent and consider themselves as a part of the entire society. Child development and women empowerment form our special emphasis.. Imparting basic environmental education is also part of our objective since living in a healthy atmosphere is a key prerequisite of well-being.