Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign with Darjeeling District Central Cooperative Bank

“The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the world combined" - Mark Twain.

NIDS stepped into the Darjeeling Himalayas with an assignment assigned by Darjeeling District Central Cooperative Bank for conducting Financial Literacy Awareness Camp in their all 9 branches and 20 best PACs.

Our representatives attained extreme remote villages of the Himalayans like, Relli-Pala, Lingsay, Kagay, Pokhriabong-Garubathan, Kainjalay etc. The remoteness of the venues energized us to deliver the best from our end, for the villagers. The supervisors of the Bank also supported us, at their level best, for the success of the programmes. We will be thankful to the young supervisors of DDCCB.

The enchanting participants from the hill enjoyed our deliberation about Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy. They have learned how to save from their day to day income, why-where and how to borrow, tit bits of investment and affordable credits. We hope our efforts will show them a new way of living life.