Financial Literacy Training Programme for the Youths of Namibia

NIDS and FREE YOUR MIND believe that in order to create a significant and long-lasting change, it is imperative that nations, facing similar social issues and injustice, must collaborate and share expertise, ideas and solutions. In this regard, although multifaceted in many areas, Namibia and India both face a number of similar challenges; especially financial inclusion and literacy of down-stricken people is an on-going hindrance to national and individual economic progress.

As such, we are with the mission to empower the people living in remote areas with knowledge and financial independency, which will directly alleviate the standard of livelihood and merge the underprivileged people with the mainstream society.

Namibia has been earmarked as a country for collaboration because India and Namibia face similar hurdles. Furthermore, NIDS is connected to Namibia through a local organization called Free Your Mind Entertainment CC.

Our aim is not to enforce knowledge, but to pass it on to the Namibians, who are apt and capable in substantiating our mission and project goals for the betterment of the future of the nation.

The entire training programme was funded by Hannes Seidel Foundation, Namibia.

Conducted By : Free Your Mind! Namibia