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Children from the underprivileged sector have to face the harsh reality of life at a very early age. A significant amount of research have revealed that children from economically deprived families are more prone to take up drug peddling, alcoholism, drug abuse and be victims of sexual exploitation in their search of livelihood. At NIDS, it is one of our missions to help these destitute children get education and be healthy so that they can receive the full potential and opportunity to grow up as healthy, contributing members of their community.

Providing Sponsorship to the Needy Children – We are sure that there are many of you who would like to sponsor a child so that he/she gets proper nutrition and education. NIDS is giving you the opportunity to sponsor a poverty-stricken, underprivileged child and help him/her to be educated and stay healthy.

It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, a child needs to get proper nutrition so that he/she can be healthy and perceive the education imparted to them. We also want to work towards providing required nutrition and proper training to the children who are good at swimming or other extracurricular activities.

The basic thought of NIDS, regarding destitute child development, is to build a stronger and educated society where children will grow up to confident adults and can earn their own livelihood.

What we experienced last Year

NIDS (Narayanpur Integrated Development Society), a NGO from India, West Bengal, dedicated for upliftmen of marginal section of population with emphasis to remote hilly area, launched a Child Sponsorship Programme in the Darjeeling Hill since last year with a few children who are most financially vulnerable and belong to lowest rung of poor families. The children were identified from Age Group of 5-14 years who study in Govt. sponsored school where their family have to pay an annual fees around INR 1500/-. But they need to arrange their School Dress, Study materials and transportation cost from their meager income which are around INR 1500/ -to INR 5000/-per month. All of these families belong to Below Poverty Level (BPL) Category as per Indian income group standard. Our aim is to support them to meet those education expenses which are must for continuing the education.


Apart from this financial intervention, we also imparted financial management knowledge to their parents to save for the future of the child from what we have supported them every month. But our experience revealed that their immediate need prevailed and no family saved that for their child.

New Dimension with Financial Inclusion

How the Child receive the benefit of Child Sponsorship Program?

This year we have made a strategic change in this programme. We had a meeting with the parents of the children assisted under the program and appreciated their immediate and prime need like food, shelter etc.

 We have, therefore, decided to open a Minor Bank Account in the name of every child in the Bank branch located within their Gram Panchayat area. We informed them that NIDS will start a Recurring Deposit in the name of every child in that Bank Branch. The entire sponsorship amount will be directly remitted to their account and be transferred into their Recurring Deposit Account through a standing instruction given to the Bank. These accounts will be under a lock in period of One year.

At the end of the year the child will receive a lump sum amount which will help their family to pay their Annual school fees, purchase school uniform, Books & stationery etc.  This will ensure the objective of the sponsorship Programme i.e. continuation of Study in the next higher Class.

We also welcome donors who would like to donate in kind

How will you benefit from sponsoring a child?

Your support to your sponsored child will give you:

  • The joy and satisfaction of making a lasting, meaningful difference in the life of the child
  • The opportunity to establish a rich relationship with a child
  • The chance to model for friends and family the joy of helping to rescue at-risk kids and the possibility of bringing them along on the sponsorship journey!

What you will get from NIDS when you commit your sponsorship!

  • When you commit to sponsor a child, you’ll receive a letter of appreciation and donation received through e-mail explaining our program in detail. It will include a photo and history of child you have decided to sponsor.
  • From this year we have redesigned our program where you will receive a Proof of Remittance of donation to the beneficiary
  • From this year onwards we would like to start up an Annual meet with children and Donors in a beautiful hilly village where Donors can spend a entire day with them and experience their culture with beautiful Kanchenjunga.

Nisha Bhujel
Child Code: DRJ/6M/024
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 20.09.2005

Nisha is very poor girl living with her elder brother and father. Her mother left them when she was 2years old, now she is at 12. Her father is day labour but his work is not permanent so their life is in a critical situation. The present situation is affecting her education and life too.

Benu Rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/025
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 15.11.2005

Benu’s struggling life is started when she was only one and half years old, her father left her. Her mother working for her but before 2years she was dead. Now Benu is an orphan and her age just 12 years. Now her aunty took her away and kept with herself. She looks after her but her anty is not fully able to provide all necessary support.

Supriya Rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/019
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 09.11.2013

Supriya is a sweet girl, lived with her physically disable father, mother and elder brother in a ramshackle house. Her father is a small scale farmer and mother is a house wife. Their family income depends on her father farming but this is very short for them.

Nityashree Chettri

Child Code: DRJ/6M/020
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 02.08.2015

Nityashree is a three years old baby. Her father is a day labour and mother is house wife. Her grandparents are too old they are not able to work but her father’s income is not sufficient to meet up their needs.

Chandan Tamang

Child Code: DRJ/6M/026
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 19.02.2008

Chandan’s real parents left when he was very little. After his mother left; his father take care of him but after few years his father got married for second time and he also left Chandan. Then his uncle and aunty officially adopted him with their parenting care. But his adopted father is poor, his income not sufficient to continue his expenses.

Chhedup Tamang

Child Code: DRJ/6M/028
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 06.09.2003

Cheedup’s life struggle has been started when he was just 4 years, then his mother left him with his father and a new born sister. Now he is 15 years old and he will appear the board examination next year. His father was a day labour but their income was too low to meet up their livelihood. Now the entire situation became very complicated while his father met an accident and he retained on bed. Now they have sheltered with his grandparents but his grandfather is very aged person but he earns some money for his son and grand children. But the income is very poor of their family.

Aayush Rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/029
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 21.10.2005

Aayush is a 12 years old boy. He is living with his parents and sister at a beautiful hilly village. His father is a disable person and his health condition is not well. His mother is a day labour but the work is not regular. She cannot able to arrange their livelihood necessities on regular basis. Aayush’s childhood is not ok than others.

Shrusant Rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/017
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 11.03.2010

Shrusant is an eight years old boy. He read in class III. His father is a physically challenged person but sake of living he work in Panchayat as a contract labour. His earning is not sufficient for their basic need.

Ashna rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/018
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 03.01.2012

Ashna is a 6 years old girl living with her parents and grandparents in a vulnerable situation. Her father is a car driver but he is only earning member of their family. And his income does not meet their need.

Supriya Rai

Child Code: DRJ/6M/030
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 05.08.2011

Supriya is coming from extremely ultra poor family. Her childhood exploded day by day but her parents can’t anything for her.  Her father is a day labour but his work is not permanent and mother is house wife.