Destitute Child Development – Making the Offspring Better

Children from the underprivileged sector have to face the harsh reality of life at a very early age. A significant amount of research have revealed that children from economically deprived families are more prone to take up drug peddling, alcoholism, drug abuse and be victims of sexual exploitation in their search of livelihood. At NIDS, it is one of our missions to help these destitute children get education and be healthy so that they can receive the full potential and opportunity to grow up as healthy, contributing members of their community.

Our programs for child development are:


Providing Sponsorship to the Needy Children – We are sure that there are many of you who would like to sponsor a child so that he/she gets proper nutrition and education. So, NIDS is giving you this opportunity to sponsor a poverty-stricken, underprivileged child and help him/her to be educated and stay healthy.

Providing Necessary Health & Nutritional Support – It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, a child needs to get proper nutrition so that he/she can be healthy and perceive the education imparted to them. We also want to work towards providing required nutrition and proper training to the children who are good at swimming or other extracurricular activities.

The basic idea of NIDS, regarding destitute child development, is to build a stronger and educated society where children will grow up to confident adults and can earn their own livelihood.

Women Empowerment

Achieving True Freedom - The spacing between the lines in this section does not match with other sections

Therefore, to empower women with right knowledge and skills as far as education, health, development of livelihood, financial literary and management of finance is concerned, NIDS has come forward to work in the following areas:

Our programs Includes:

  • Development of Livelihood and Diversification: – In the present times, it is quite important for rural women to take recourse to livelihood diversification. Livelihood Diversification entails  that a family diversifies its sources of income in order to meet the financial needs of the family members and to improve their standard of living. We, at NIDS, want to educate rural women about various opportunities to earn livelihood.
  • The basic criterion to achieve freedom is to be economically independent. It is one of the principle objectives of NIDS to providing financial and banking literacy so that these women learn to manage their finances efficiently to earn their own livelihood.
    • Social Investment –NIDS also wants to use social investment strategy as a part of microfinance program. It is our mission to be a bridge between the social investors and the rural women so that the latter can use the funds and generate income, and be able to return the principal amount to the investors within a definite time period, based on a reasonable and appropriate rate of interest. . Enabling women to be a contributor to the household income makes possible not only their self-reliance but also diversification of the income sources.
  • Health & Hygiene: – Principle of Health and Hygiene in rural remote areas are often at shocking levels and people living in there are also found to be ignorant on the right levels on health and hygiene and what consequences any aberration could bring forth.  It is therefore, one of our objective to  to educate these people as to  why personal hygiene is important and what they need to do in order to remain healthy. We also want to educate women regarding menstrual hygiene and how to take care of pregnant women and newborn.
  • Domestic Violence: – It is shameful on our part to live in a society where women are still subjected to be victims of  domestic violence and sometimes even justified for their abuse. Even more shocking is that rural women think that they have no other recourse but to live with the physical and mental torture belted out to them. So, it is our mission to educate women regarding domestic violence. Our plan is to let abused women know how they combat domestic abuse and what to do to seek justice.
  • Legal Support: – It is quite meaningless to talk about domestic violence and other principles of women empowerment without providing legal support to those who are really in need of it. We also wish to work with legal institutions in order to provide support and make women well-informed  about their legal rights.


Overall, it can be rightly said that NIDS wants to provide holistic support to the underprivileged women in the remote rural areas so that they can empower themselves with the knowledge and skills in order to achieve freedom and choice in the true sense.

So, by organizing mass awareness camps and training the Self Help Group leaders, we believe we will be able to build onto certain capabilities of the underprivileged people in our society in order for them to lead a healthy, happy and self-reliant life.


Learning to recognize the importance of healthy surrounding

It is the need of the time to educate people on environmental awareness so that each of us play our individual role for the betterment of society, and people living in the remote areas should not be left behind in the process. They need special education in order to understand how environmental awareness will improve their standard of living.

Environment programs Includes:

  • Basic environmental awareness – Regarding environmental awareness, primarily we want to educate people on the  principles of  health and hygiene so that they get to know what they should and should not do in order to stop polluting the environment. This will help them live in a healthy atmosphere.. We also want to inform the underprivileged people regarding ecological balance and the harmful effects of cutting down trees and their role in reducing soil, air and water pollution.

    NIDS wants to spread ecological awareness by organizing mass awareness camps and through ecological learning by lessons given in schools.

    Mass Awareness Camp – We will be organizing mass awareness camps through which we want to educate people on basic environmental awareness. The people living in the remote areas will be aware what they need to do in order to live in a healthy atmosphere.

    Ecological Learning through learning in schools – One of the best ways to imbibe knowledge is to acquire it in childhood. So, NIDS wants to introduce ecological learning at the school level in the remote areas of our society. They will learn to appreciate ecological balance and their role in maintaining it along with learning about basic environmental issues, just as the children learn as a part of their school curriculum in the urban areas.

    We believe that we will be able to help the people living in remote villages to make certain changes in their lifestyle in order to improve their standard of living.